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Lot Links is the City of Dayton program that uses a state provision for Real Estate Acquisition Process, commonly referred to as "REAP," to take title to tax delinquent abandoned properties in the City of Dayton. The City can then sell those properties to qualified buyers.

This tool streamlines your search by showing *only those properties that meet the first four eligibility criteria for the Lot Links program. Learn about the Lot Links program before proceeding with this tool.

+ What makes a property eligible for Lot Links?

  • is in the City of Dayton.
  • is at least 2 years in arrears on taxes.
  • has not had its tax lien sold.
  • is not on a delinquent tax payment plan.
  • does not already have an active REAP claim against it.

+ How do I use this tool?

You can search by address, parcel number, or by visual inspection of the map.
To view the address and parcel number of a location on the map, click on the blue balloon icon. Map marker icon

Properties that have already been claimed show up with a red balloon. These are not available at this time.

+ I can't find the property I'm looking for?

If the property does not show up in this search tool, then it is not Lot Links eligible at this time.

If the property shows up with a red balloon, then the property has already has an active claim against it.

+ I found an eligible property! Now what?

Verify the property is vacant and abandoned. This is important! Applying for a property that is not vacant and abandoned will result in you losing half your deposit.

Download, complete, & submit the application from the Lot Links page.

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*The data for this tool comes directly from the Montgomery County Treasurers Office database, which is updated at the end of every month. The county's data was last queried for LotLinker on .